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Q Engineering

Associate in Science Transfer

Our Engineering Department offers a high-quality, lower-cost option to begin your engineering career. You can complete the first two years of a university engineering program in an inclusive setting with smaller classes, hands-on learning, and dedicated instructors.

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Will Hamp - Department Head
425.640.1295 | william.hamp@edmonds.edu

Q Engineering Technology


    • Associate in Applied Science Transfer

      Associate of Technical Arts

      Certificate of Completion

  • We offer classes introducing you to materials science, composite materials, engineering design, mechatronics, and automation technology. You will gain experience in hands-on, state-of-the-art labs equipped with 3D printers, injection molders, and robotic arms, and utilize equipment to test, construct, design, and build large and small items.

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    Su Nelson | 425.640.1295

    Q Mechatronics and Automation Technology

    Associate of Technical Arts

    Do you want to design and help drive the future of industry? Mechatronics and automation technology lie at the intersection of mechanical and electrical control systems that we depend on in our everyday lives. Mechatronics systems are utilized in manufacturing (cars, aircraft, communication devices, for example), distribution centers, or anywhere there is largely automated equipment.

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    ETEC | 425.640.1980
    Q BAS - Advanced Manufacturing and Materials Engineering Technology

    Q BAS - Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

    Coming Fall 2024
    Our Bachelor of Applied Science in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (BAS-ROBAI) program focuses on hands-on learning. The program covers mechatronics design, language and speech technology, AI applications for machine learning, and autonomous systems. You will be taught by faculty with industry experience who will provide you with the knowledge and skills needed in the growing field of robotics.


    Carey Schroyer
    Science, Technology, Engineering, Math Division Dean

    Su Nelson
    Engineering Technology Program Manager

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