Snohomish County has a strong history and a bright future in aerospace and advanced manufacturing.

Why do we need to build a skilled workforce in aerospace and advanced manufacturing in Snohomish County?


Aerospace and advanced manufacturing are major drivers of the economy in Snohomish County. Boeing, one of the world’s largest aerospace companies, has a significant presence in the region, along with numerous suppliers and other related businesses. These industries provide high-paying jobs and contribute to the local tax base, helping to fund important public services and infrastructure.

Aerospace and advanced manufacturing are highly innovative fields that require workers with specialized skills and knowledge. By building a skilled workforce in these areas, Snohomish County can attract and retain cutting-edge businesses that are developing new technologies and products. This, in turn, can help to spur further innovation and economic growth.

Many aerospace products have important applications in national defense, including military aircraft, satellites, and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Building a strong aerospace and advanced manufacturing workforce in Snohomish County can help to ensure that the United States remains competitive in these critical areas.

The aerospace industry is increasingly focused on developing more sustainable technologies, such as electric and hybrid aircraft. Building a skilled workforce in these areas can help to accelerate the adoption of these technologies and reduce the industry’s environmental impact.


Take Flight Snohomish County’s mission is to improve access to educational resources and support workforce development efforts in aerospace and advanced manufacturing in Snohomish County and North Puget Sound.